2086 Society Request for Proposals
2086 Society Request for Proposals on “The Future of Work and Its Implications for Practice with Multi-generational Family Enterprises”
The intent of this RFP, “The Future of Work and Its Implications for Practice with Multi-generational Family Enterprises,” is to secure proposals that explore one or more themes emerging in the broader discussions of the future of work, specifically as these themes apply to family enterprise.

It is expected that proposals will be largely conceptual, but will include observations and suggestions for future ongoing quantitative and/or qualitative research that can be applied to the practice of family enterprise advising.

Examples of Future of Work themes
  • Adaptivity: Responding to rates of changes, reconceptualizing partnerships, notions of productivity
  • Collaboration:  Creating flexible tools for collaboration, either in real-time or asynchronously
  • Creativity: Developing technologies which gather and analyze data across devices and service disciplines, allowing us to be more expressive, reflective, and insightful
  • Intelligence: Building and understanding systems that enable intelligent dialogues and conversations, taking culture, context, and personal, family and business goals into account
Possible Areas of Investigation as they relate to family enterprise consulting and advising
  • The role of AI and robotics
  • Increased competition for evolving leadership positions in family enterprises
  • GIG economies – will freelancing become the norm?
  • If education breaks out of traditional silos, what this might mean for family enterprise professionals and traditional research activities?
  • Remote work will remain mainstream
  • Generational divides: are younger generations more adept at working remotely, handling rates of changes, absorbing the implications of big data, etc., 0r as some recent research suggests, do younger generations have more problems in these areas than the generations that currently precede them?
Who is eligible to apply?
Applications from educational institutions, family enterprise organizations, family offices, and multi-generational companies as well as individual advisors, consultants, and researchers from across the globe are eligible to apply. Applications should be submitted in English.

During the review process, the intended outcome(s) and applied research aspects of each proposal will be given careful consideration, and proposals with the maximum likelihood to directly impact the field of advising and consulting will be given high priority. In same case, further elaboration may be requested.

Key dates
  • Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2020 (midnight EDT)
  • Anticipated Full Proposal Notification Date: October 15, 2020

Anticipated Period of Performance: November 1, 2020 through August 15, 2021 (projects may be shorter but not longer than this time frame)

Expected Approximate Monetary Range of Grants
Individual projects requesting up to $30,000 for a one-year project period will be considered.

Grant funding distributed following execution of a fully signed Letter of Agreement.

How to Submit
Complete all required sections of the online application – incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you encounter any technical difficulties with the website, please email brigett@ffi.org.
IMPORTANT: Applications submitted after the due date will not be reviewed by the 2086 Society.