Montréal, Quebec
Contact: Jim Burton

Waterloo, Ontario

John Molson School of Business –
Executive Centre Family Legacy and Wealth Programs
Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Ingrid Chadwick

Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity
Halifax, NS
Contact: Albert James

Oakville, Ontario
Contact: Russel Baskin

Deschênes-Molson-Lesage Family Business Centre
Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Annie Veilleux

The International Families Business Centre
Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Luis Cisneros

School of Business
Edmonton, Alberta
Contact: Diana Dempsey

The Dobson Center for Entrepreneurship
Montreal, Quebec

Grenfell Campus
Corner Brook, Newfoundland/Labrador

Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Steven A. Gedeon

Sobey School of Business
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Contact: Michael Sanderson

Beedie School of Business
Vancouver, British Columbia
Contact: Eric Gedajlovic

Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI)
Edmonton, Alberta
Contact: Shauna Feth

School of Business
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Edmonton, Alberta
Contact: Lloyd Steier

Sauder School of Business
Business Families Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia
Contact: Sunny Lee

Haskayne School of Business
Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Calgary, Alberta
Contact: Terry Ross

Asper School of Business
Winnepeg, Manitoba

Telfer School of Management
Ottawa, Ontario
Contact: Peter Jaskiewicz

Rotman School of Management
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Becky Reuber

Richard Ivey Business School
Business Families Centre
London, Ontario
Contact: David Simpson

Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
Waterloo, Ontario
Contact: Cathleen Leitch

Entrepreneurial and Family Business Studies
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Steve Pulver

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