Becoming a Fellow
To be eligible for Fellow status, individuals must:
  1. Be a current member of FFI with ten cumulative years of membership
  2. Hold an FFI GEN core certificate (CFBA or CFWA) or its equivalent
  3. Hold an FFI GEN advanced certificate (ACFBA or ACFWA)
  4. Plus two of the following in the past three years:
    1. Published in FBR
    2. Published in FFI Practitioner
    3. Presented at an FFI global conference
    4. Served as either a member of the GEN faculty, Family Business Review (FBR) editor or associate editor, FFI Committee chair, or FFI board member
    5. Acted as an FFI GEN Mentor
    6. Received either an FFI achievement or academic award, or received an FFI 2086 Society grant
    7. Chaired an FFI virtual study group
Go here to see the distinguished list of FFI Fellows.