International Award

The International Award recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding achievement in furthering the understanding of family business issues which occur between two or more countries.


  • nominees do not have to be members of FFI.
  • nominees may not nominate themselves or the organization where they are employed or in which they have a business interest.
  • the awards committee may directly solicit nominees for any award.
  • nominators are responsible for securing the willingness of the nominee to be considered.
  • candidates will remain on the committee’s active list for two years following the year of nomination.

Submission Deadline: The deadline for submissions for awards is April 15 of the award year.

Award Notification: Nominees will be notified of the decision in writing by August 15 of the submission year. Winners are expected to be present at the FFI annual conference.

Application Guidelines: The application should be submitted electronically as a PDF document to

Application must include:

  1. Name of award for which individual is being nominated:
    • Richard Beckhard Practice Award
    • Barbara Hollander Award
    • Interdisciplinary Award
    • International Award
  2. Name and contact information of individual or organization being nominated.
  3. Background of nominee. Attach a one or two page rationale that includes the following:
    • how this candidate fulfills the criteria for the award
    • nominee’s history in field
    • nominee’s contributions to the field
    • nominee’s relevant publications
    • nominee’s involvement with FFI (optional)
    • nominee’s additional relevant accomplishments
    • attachment of nominee’s CV/resume
    • additional supporting materials of no more than 10 pages may be included. (These materials will not be returned unless requested and at the nominee’s expense.)
    • two or three sentences that can be used in the program for the awards ceremony if your candidate receives this award
  4. Name and contact information of nominee.


Candidate must be an individual or organization engaged in family business activities occurring between two or more countries. In addition to the quality of the work, the activities may include:

  • educational programs with the primary focus on the work of family businesses crossing international borders.
  • the practice of advising and consulting with family businesses.
  • achievements in family owned businesses based on consultancy work as demonstrated by published or unpublished materials.
  • promoting recognition of the economic and social prominence of family business.
  • the collaborative efforts of educators, advisors, and/or family business members between two or more countries.
  • explorations, as demonstrated by written case study, video or other documentation, of family businesses from different national perspectives.

Award Recipients


IMD Global Family Business Center


Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practice (STEP) Project


STEP and the STEP Business Families Special Interest Group


El Agamy Family


Dennis Jaffe


Judy Green


Guillermo Salazar


Mark Evans


Chinese University of Hong Kong


Leif Melin


Panikkos Poutziouris


Ernesto Poza


Joseph H. Astrachan


Randel Carlock and Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise at INSEAD


Josianne Fahed Sreih


Matti Koiranen


Joyce & Robert Brockhaus and Albert Jan Thomassen


Marta Vago


Instituto de la Empresa Familiar


Anthony Bogod and Peter Leach


Bocconi University Family Business Program and Loyola University Chicago Family Business Center


Barbara Murray