Barbara Hollander Award

The Barbara Hollander Award was created to honor the late founder and first president of FFI to perpetuate her profound interest in family business and her love for education and learning.

The award recipient exemplifies Barbara Hollander’s love of education and learning, life-long commitment to social causes, dedication to civic responsibility, belief in the human capacity to change for the better, and belief in giving to others generously.


  • nominees do not have to be members of FFI.
  • nominees may not nominate themselves or the organization where they are employed or in which they have a business interest.
  • the awards committee may directly solicit nominees for any award.
  • nominators are responsible for securing the willingness of the nominee to be considered.
  • candidates will remain on the committee’s active list for two years following the year of nomination.

Submission Deadline: The deadline for submissions for awards is April 15 of the award year.

Award Notification: Nominees will be notified of the decision in writing by August 15 of the submission year. Winners are expected to be present at the FFI annual conference.

Application Guidelines: The application should be submitted electronically as a PDF document to Any supporting material should be mailed to FFI Academic Awards Committee, Family Firm Institute, 200 Lincoln St., #201, Boston MA 02111 USA.

Application must include:

  1. Name of award for which individual is being nominated:
    • Richard Beckhard Practice Award
    • Barbara Hollander Award
    • Interdisciplinary Award
    • International Award
  2. Name and contact information of individual or organization being nominated.
  3. Background of nominee. Attach a one or two page rationale that includes the following:
    • how this candidate fulfills the criteria for the award
    • nominee’s history in field
    • nominee’s contributions to the field
    • nominee’s relevant publications
    • nominee’s involvement with FFI (optional)
    • nominee’s additional relevant accomplishments
    • attachment of nominee’s CV/resume
    • additional supporting materials of no more than 10 pages may be included. (These materials will not be returned unless requested and at the nominee’s expense.)
    • two or three sentences that can be used in the program for the awards ceremony if your candidate receives this award
  4. Name and contact information of nominee.


Candidate is to be significantly engaged in the education, study and understanding of the family and social dynamics of family business and may be an organization, or a graduate student studying family business or a faculty member in a program for family businesses, and one or more of the following:

  • contribution to civic, charitable, educational or other nonprofit organizations which support human betterment and social change demonstrated through written testimonial.
  • leadership in promoting recognition of the economic and social prominence of family enterprise.
  • active participation and support of FFI through participation in FFI’s educational, membership and organizational activities.

Award Recipients


Dianne H.B. Welsh


Caro Rock


Danny Miller, Isabelle Le Breton-Miller


Carlo Salvato


Kenneth Moores


Kim Schneider Malek


Ann Dugan


Carmen Bianchi


Pramodita Sharma


Lloyd Steier


Frank Hoy


Judy L. Green


Greg McCann


Salo Grabinsky


Panikkos Poutziouris


Cynthia Iannarelli


Joyce Brockhaus


David Pistrui


Dirk Jungé


Karen L.Vinton


Paul Karofsky


Patricia Frishkoff


Fredda Herz Brown


Kathy Wiseman