Virtual Study Group: Mediation

This study group is a venue for FFI members with mediation skills to share developments in the field of dispute resolution through discussion of their practical experience, skill building, marketing, and other related matters. In addition to discussions among members, the group will host presentations by members and recognized thought leaders in various mediation disciplines, as well as related fields, including developments in psychology and neuroscience.


Mediation VSG meets bi-monthly.

Best Practices

The Group members are expected to observe to the FFI Professional Best Practices. Discussions held during Group meetings or on the group private discussion board are confidential and should not be shared outside of the Group.


All Study Group members are required to be members of FFI in good standing. Candidates interested in joining the Group must submit a professional profile to the Group chair with a brief statement of purpose indicating why they would like to join the Group, benefits that they anticipate receiving from the Group, and how they expect to contribute to the Group. This can be done online using the Join link below.


All FFI Members are eligible to participate in study groups. Study groups meet face-to-face in locations around the globe as well as virtually within the FFI study group online community. There are no annual dues to participate. Study groups may be organized based on geographic region (as is the case with New York and Oregon study groups for example), topic of interest (succession or Latin American family enterprise for example), as well as profession of origin (accounting, finance or behavioral therapy for example). For more information on forming a study group, please contact