Asian Circle VSG
The Asian Circle is an online forum to educate, connect and inspire the Asian practitioners in the field of family enterprise. This is a multi-disciplinary group designed for advisors and consultants who have been practicing in the field in Asia. The VSG seeks a multi-disciplinary composition to broaden and enrich the learning experience of its members.
About the VSG
The primary purposes of the VSG are to:
  • Build a strong presence of the Asian advisors and consultants, academics and family enterprise members
  • Provide multi-disciplinary learning opportunities through the use of case discussions, guest speakers, presentations and open dialog among members
  • Nurture and inspire potential Asian leaders within FFI
  • Leverage the insight and perspectives of experienced practitioners in the field, both from the West and the East
The secondary purposes of the VSG are to:
  • Help promote the vision and missions of FFI, including the Global Education Network (GEN) program in Asia
  • Develop and retain people from Asia in the FFI organization
Group meetings are held quarterly. These meetings are conducted online via live video conferencing. The meetings are expected to last up to two hours.

Non-members of the Asian Circle VSG (Visitors) may be invited by the Chair, either to attend/observe a meeting if they are considering joining the VSG, or as experts/contributors to support the meeting’s learning. Members will be made aware of any scheduled Visitors prior to the meeting.

Each VSG meeting agenda is distributed to members seven to ten days prior to the meeting by the meeting coordinator appointed by the VSG Chair. The Chair is responsible for establishing study themes for the year, selecting meeting presenters, acting as host on the meetings and organizing the agenda of each meeting.

Best Practices
The VSG members are encouraged to be familiar the FFI Best Practices.
The Asian Circle VSG is limited to 80 members. VSG members are required to be members of FFI in good standing, with practice in the family business field in Asia (or having an Asian clientele). Members have to attend at least two (2) meetings to retain the membership of the Asian Circle VSG.

Candidates interested in joining the VSG must apply via the online form here.

Group members are encouraged to attend FFI Global Conferences and to obtain one of the GEN certificates.

VSG Chair and Vice Chair(s)
The VSG Chair will act as liaison with FFI. The VSG Chair will communicate directly with FFI about any requirements regarding the operation and facilitation of the VSG.

The VSG Chair is chosen to serve a one-year term by the Executive Committee members of the VSG, and may stand for a second term. The VSG Chair is expected to attend the FFI Global Conference.

A VSG Vice Chair(s) may be appointed by the Executive Committee to support the Group Chair in the development of strategic plan and activities. The Vice Chair is chosen to serve a one-year period and may stand for a second term.

Executive Committee (ExCo)
Executive Committee (ExCo)

2024 members
Navneet Bhatnagar, chair (India)
Kimberly Go, vice chair (Philippines)
Edith Ang (Hong Kong)
Joy Chen (Hong Kong)
Mita Dixit (India)
Keng-Fun Loh (Singapore)
Joanna Sun (Australia)

The Executive Committee comprises a minimum of five and no more than nine members, including the VSG Chair and Vice Chair(s).

ExCo members are chosen to serve a two-year period and may stand for three terms (i.e., a total of six years).

The ExCo helps design study themes and topics, invite guest speakers, and steer strategic planning of the Group. Diverse geographical representation and multidisciplinary involvement are important in considering the ExCo’s make-up.

The ExCo may set up any number of Subcommittees to assist in the running of the affairs of the Group. The current Subcommittees include (i) Membership Affairs Subcommittee; (ii) Programmes Subcommittee; and (iii) Editorial & Publishing Subcommittee.

Every ExCo member should participate in at least one Subcommittee. Each Subcommittee will have a maximum of five members, which can include other non-Executive Committee members of the Asian Circle Group. The objective of inviting non-ExCo members to the Subcommittees is to develop a pipeline of candidates for the ExCo. The term for Subcommittee members is one year, and may be renewed on an annual basis.

Group Resource Persons/Subject Panel
Resource Persons/Subject Panel
The ExCo can appoint a “Resource Person” or a “Subject Panelist” as a go-to person for guidance that would benefit the group at large. The nominee should be an experienced practitioner (normally with 15+ years of experience in the field), an academic from a reputable institution, FFI Fellow, current or prior GEN faculty member, or has been (or is currently) a member of the FFI Board of Directors.

2024 Resource Persons
Jeremy Cheng (Hong Kong)
Paul Chung (Hong Kong)
Esther Kong (Singapore)
Anurat Kongtoranin (Thailand)
Yirhan Sim (Indonesia)
Kazuyoshi Takei (Japan)

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