Iberoamérica VSG
The Iberoamérica VSG is an online forum to educate, connect, and inspire members located in or interested in family enterprise issues in Latin America and Spain. The official language of the group is Spanish.
The VSG extends FFI’s core mission by focusing on education and multidisciplinary learning. The group seeks a multidisciplinary composition to broaden and enrich the learning experience of its members. A geographic mix is also a priority.


Group meetings are held online via live video conferencing the second Thursday of every month. The meetings are expected to last up to one and a half hours.

Best Practices

The VSG members are encouraged to be familiar the FFI Best Practices.


The group is limited to 25 members. All VSG members are required to be members of FFI in good standing.

Candidates interested in joining the VSG must apply via the online form here.

Group members are encouraged, although not required, to attend an FFI Regional Meeting or Annual Conference, and seek one of the certificates (Certificate in Family Business Advising or Certificate in Family Wealth Advising) offered by FFI GEN.

Click below to apply online: