2086 Society Seminar Series
FFI is pleased to announce a year-long series of seminars entitled “Reimagining Wisdom, Wealth, & Legacy.” These interactive virtual sessions are provided by the Nomadic School of Business, 2024 recipient of the FFI 2086 Society grant. Learn more and register for one or more of the upcoming sessions below. You do not have to be an FFI member to attend. These sessions will not be recorded.

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  • Broadened Perspectives on Wealth: Gain insights from diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Learn from a Maasai Elder, a prison guard for Nelson Mandela, a Zulu princess, and a Gurkha warrior monk. Understand wealth beyond financial metrics, encompassing cultural, spiritual, and personal dimensions.
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership Insights: Gain unique leadership insights from individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Learn principles of resilience, adaptability, and community engagement from different cultures.
  • Intergenerational Wisdom Transmission: Continue to explore how wisdom is passed down through generations. Discover strategies for preserving and leveraging ancestral wisdom to navigate modern challenges.
  • Legacy Redefined: Rethink legacy beyond material inheritance. Cultivate a legacy of purpose, values, and impact. Leave a lasting imprint on future generations and society.

About the FFI 2086 Society

About the Nomadic School of Business:
The Nomadic School of Business is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and natural metaphors and combines the life’s work of Anthony Willoughby, Doutzen Groothof and their indigenous partners. They offer inspirational, thought-provoking programs for individuals, families, and organizations to reimagine different ways of looking at wealth wisdom and legacy. Their methodology is a blend of coaching and mentoring combined with personalized wilderness expeditions to spend time learning from nomadic communities in Mongolia and East Africa. The Nomadic School of Business fosters clarity, courage, purpose, and agility, while building trust and mutual respect across a diversity of cultures, hierarchies, and language barriers.

Summer Seminar 2
Reimagining Wisdom, Wealth, & Legacy: A conversation with Krishna Thapa
Tuesday, August 6th (10:30AM-12:00PM Eastern) via Zoom


“Warrior Monk” Krishna Thapa’s life is a testament to service and resilience. Raised in the Nepal Himalaya beneath Annapurna, his journey began by joining the British Gurkha at 19, later becoming the first to pass selection from RGR and enter the British SAS. With 26 years of front-line service in Afghanistan and Iraq, Thapa’s roles included mountain specialist and mental health advocate. Leading the SAS Mountain troop, he orchestrated the largest-ever UKSF and Gurkha summit team up Everest. Thapa’s remarkable feats, including being the first serving officer to climb Everest and K2, exemplify his mission of enlightenment through adversity. He holds the Guinness World Record for leading the largest group to ever summit Mt. Everest. Now focused on guiding and training extraordinary individuals, his path inspires courage, control, and connection.
Paul Milne

Paul Milne, FFI Fellow, is an avid trekker who has climbed some of the world’s most challenging mountains and once planted a flag for FFI at the base camp of Mount Everest. He is a consultant and former family business lawyer who guides business families through the transition planning process.

Moderators: Doutzen Groothof and Anthony Willoughby, Nomadic School of Business

Fall Seminar 3
Reimagining Wisdom, Wealth, & Legacy: A conversation with Christo Brand
Tuesday, September 17th (9:30AM-11:00AM Eastern) via Zoom
Registration will open July 1

Christo Brand is the former prison guard of Nelson Mandela. At age 18 Christo was recruited into prison service to guard Mandela on Robben Island. Instead of becoming enemies, their relationship blossomed into an extraordinary friendship. Their bond endured beyond captivity, when Mandela, after becoming President, offered Christo a job and welcomed him into his home. Their enduring friendship is chronicled in Christo’s book, Doing Life with Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend, capturing the essence of their unconventional connection. The book was written on the insistence of Nelson Mandela who passed away shortly before it was released. Christo Brand’s journey is not just a personal tale but a profound testament to reconciliation and humanity.

Nigel Nicholson

Nigel has been a Professor at London Business School since 1990. Before becoming a business psychologist, he was a journalist, and he is a frequent commentator in the media on current business issues. His current major research interests include the psychology of family business, biography and leadership, financial decision-making, and people skills in management. He has published over 20 books and 200 articles in these fields, as well as on topics such as innovation, organizational change and executive career development.

Moderators: Doutzen Groothof and Anthony Willoughby, Nomadic School of Business

Fall Seminar 4
Reimagining Wisdom, Wealth, & Legacy: A conversation with Princess Nandi
Tuesday, November 12th (9:30AM-11:00AM Eastern) via Zoom
Registration will open July 1

H.R.H Princess Nandi Zulu is a distinguished member of the Zulu Royal Family, born to His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuZulu and Queen Buhle kaMathe of KwaDlamahlahla Palace in Mahhashini, KwaNongoma, Zululand District Municipality, South Africa. As the fourth child among seven siblings, including two sisters and five brothers, Princess Nandi has a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted in the Zulu traditions.

She is the Director of Princess Nandi Zulu Foundation, Director of House of Nandi Pty Ltd, Director of Odile Holdings Pty Ltd, and a Partner at Awesome Africa Music Festivals Production. She also serves as an Ambassador for Thanda Group, Star for Life, Project Rhino, and Special Olympics South Africa, with a nomination for the KZN Top Business Women Awards in 2023. Her ability to engage with world leaders, heads of state, ambassadors, and business leaders reflects her dynamic and inclusive nature.

Donald Opatrny

Don Opatrny (co-founder, and Managing Principal of The Lovins Group) inspires, supports, challenges, and empowers couples and families of significant intergenerational wealth to have transformative conversations on the topics that matter most to them. His approach blends firsthand family business experience, decades of practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a passion for finding what works in the context of each family’s unique circumstances. Don is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (AFHE), the Family Firm Institute (FFI), and the Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI).

Moderators: Doutzen Groothof and Anthony Willoughby, Nomadic School of Business