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Connecticut Study Group
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The CT Study Group was formed in February 1999 by founding members Jim Murphy, Vivien Blackford and Paul Sessions to provide an opportunity to learn from fellow professionals in the various disciplines.

Mission Statement: "To promote an active dialogue among an intimate group (10 to 12) of professionally diverse practitioners in the family business field to explore and share the systems, techniques and experiences that are of concern and interest to the group."

Meetings are held occasionally and usually run from 8:30am-11:30am to allow thorough discussion of the agenda items.

Recurring topics of discussion include:

  1. collaboration and the desire to work with, as well as learn from, each other;
  2. learning and support for the case study method as a means to achieve it; and
  3. networking--admission that at least a part of the group's attraction is the opportunity to network together and strengthen working relationships.

Interested in joining this study group?

All FFI Members are eligible to participate in study groups. Study groups meet face-to-face in locations around the globe as well as virtually within the FFI study group online community. There are no annual dues to participate. Study groups may be organized based on geographic region (as is the case with New York and Oregon study groups for example), topic of interest (succession or Latin American family enterprise for example), as well as profession of origin (accounting, finance or behavioral therapy for example). For more information about forming a study group go here.

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