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R&E Symposium Sessions
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FFI Global Conference 2013:
Educate | Connect | Inspire 

October 16-19 in San Diego, California
Hilton Mission Bay Resort & Spa


Research & Education Symposium

Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Reflections from a Former Dean: What works and what doesn’t when integrating family business research and education into a traditional B-School

Gail Naughton served as dean of San Diego State University’s College of Business Administration until 2011. She is currently CEO and chairman of the board of Histogen Inc., a regenerative medicine company, which she founded in 2007.

10:30 Concurrent Sessions

Session A

Research to Practice: How can we make it happen? 

A panel discussion with Pramodita Sharma, Carlo Salvato, FBR editors and Guillermo Salazar, Practitioner Editorial Board

Moderator, Trish Reay, Symposium chair

Session B
Moderator, Jill Thomas, University of Adelaide

Governance as Practice in Strategizing

Studies on governance show that boards in private firms add value by supporting the strategic process. It is not clear how this works in family firms. Findings on the impact of governance mechanisms on strategizing in family firms will be discussed.

Ilse Matser, Centrum van het Familiebedrijf

Family Business Succession Model: An extended exploratory analysis of factors impacting family business succession preparedness

The most important factors to consider to ensure family business transition success, despite obstacles, continue to expand, as demonstrated through this cutting-edge expansion of the Family Business Succession Model.

Brett Coffman, BB&T Wealth

Corporate Governance in Family Business: You’re kidding, right?

This research explores how family businesses understand corporate governance. Subsequently it details how corporate
governance can aid the succession process.

Anthony Devine, Northumbria University

12:00PM Lunch Panel

San Diego Research Panel

Hear more from family enterprise researchers at San Diego-area universities regarding their latest thinking.

Rajnandini Pillai, CSU San Marcos, Martin Staubus UCSD, Chamu Sundaramurthy, SDSU
Moderator, Carmen Bianchi, Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates

1:30PM Concurrent Sessions

Session A
Moderator, Armando Alvarez, Alvarez Carmona y Asoc., S.C.

Family Business Centers: A new era?

The number of family business centers around the world has exploded during the last few years. Most centers originally focused on outreach activities, but now more and more family business centers seek to focus on academic research as well. Is this a new era?

Lief Melin, Mattias Nordqvist, J¨onkoping International Business School

Center for the Formation and Investigation of Family Businesses in Colombia: A case study

This case study on a Colombian family business center in formation provides information and a roadmap for impacting the entrepreneurial structure of countries with emerging economies to help family companies achieve higher levels of performance.

Juan Guillermo Hoyos Diez and Juan Pablo Correales, Universidad de la Sabana

Caribbean Family Business: Their voices on strategic and entrepreneurial imperative

Is there merit in the contention that aspects of the general characterizations of family businesses do not echo the "voices of the Caribbean family business entrepreneurs?” An examination of the imperative of Caribbean family businesses helps us to answer these and other questions.

Lawrence Nicholson, Mona School of Business and Management

Session B
Moderator, Isabel Botera, University of Kentucky

New Alternative for Investments in Family Business

Alternative capital offers an alternative to classic bank financing. It is an example of a civil society project that can contribute to easing the present economic crisis in Spain.

Eduardo Estevez, Family Business Association in Castilla y Leon

Long-lasting Family Business in Mexico

In 2012 Banamex and ProfitConsulting conducted a study of 80 long-lasting family businesses in Mexico. Firms with at least 50 years of existence and/or directed by a third generation family member. The purpose of the study was to identify the common factors of success or failure of these long-lasting firms.

Miguel Ramirez Barber, ProfitConsulting

Managing Intellectual Capital at the Family Firm: A case study

This case study based on Chilean family firms shows comparative differences as given intellectual capital in a company, and then gives recommendations for the application in the family business.

Claudio Muller, University of Chile

3:30PM Closing Plenary

Increasing Social and Emotional Skills in Families: Applying Research Findings to Improve Leadership In Family Firms


Jim Liautaud of Liautaud Graduate School of Business, University of Illinois, Chicago was part of a research team that developed and tested a leadership development program called "Process-Designed Training” (PDT) to help leaders develop emotional and social competence. Results showed that managers using PDT improved their leadership skills significantly compared to the control group. The results of the study were published in Cherniss, Grimm & Liautaud, (2010) "Process Designed Training", Journal of Management Development, Vol 29 No 5: pp. 413-431.

Researchers are now completing the seventh year of studying 13 related nuclear families – using the PDT process as a mechanism to increase social and emotional skills of family firm leaders. A unique feature of the PDT process, protocol and format is that it is entirely self-managed by the family.  In this closing session for the 2013 Research & Education Symposium, Jim Liautaud will discuss PDT, the results of the first study and the protocols being used to support sustained positive behavior change in family firm leaders.  This presentation provides an excellent example of how research findings can be distilled and applied in ways that improve the functioning of family firms. 

Jim Liautaud of Liautaud Graduate School of Business, University of Illinois, Chicago