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Virtual Study Group: GEN 202
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The FFI Virtual Study Group: GEN 202 is an online forum to educate, connect and inspire members who have completed the GEN 202: Families of Wealth course. 


The Group extends FFI’s core mission by focusing on education and multidisciplinary learning and allows an online platform for students to continue to explore issues covered in the course.  

The group is limited to those who have completed the GEN 202 course. All Study Group members are required to be members of FFI in good standing.




Members Only Area

Click on the button below to access the Study Group private online forum. Please note: you must sign in to your FFI account to view the forums. If you do not yet have (or have forgotten) your login credentials contact Lenny Fogel at





All FFI Members are eligible to participate in study groups. Study groups meet face-to-face in locations around the globe as well as virtually within the FFI study group online community. There are no annual dues to participate. Study groups may be organized based on geographic region (as is the case with New York and Oregon study groups for example), topic of interest (succession or Latin American family enterprise for example), as well as profession of origin (accounting, finance or behavioral therapy for example). For more information about forming a study group go here.


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