Global 9 VSG
The Global 9 VSG is an online forum to educate, connect and inspire the next generation of practitioners in the field of family enterprise. This is a multidisciplinary study group designed for advisors and consultants who have been practicing in the field for more than 6 years.
The Global 9 VSG seeks a multidisciplinary composition to broaden and enrich the learning experience of its members. A geographic mix is also a priority.
About the VSG

The primary purposes of the VSG are to:

  • Build a strong foundation of ‘next generation’ family enterprise advisors and consultants.
  • Build relationships among peers who face similar challenges and opportunities.
  • Provide multidisciplinary learning opportunities through the use of case discussions, guest speakers, presentations and open dialog among members.
  • Nurture and inspire the next generation of potential leaders within FFI.
  • Leverage the insight and perspectives of experienced practitioners in the field through guest speakers and the Group Mentor.


Group meetings are held quarterly. These meetings are conducted entirely online via live video conferencing. The meetings are expected to last up to two hours.

Best Practices

The VSG members are encouraged to be familiar the FFI Best Practices.


The group is limited to 15 members. All VSG members are required to be members of FFI in good standing.

Candidates interested in joining the VSG must apply via the online form here.

Group members are encouraged to attend FFI Global Conferences and to seek one of the certificates (Certificate in Family Business Advising or Certificate in Family Wealth Advising) offered by FFI Global Education Network.

Group Mentor

This Study Group benefits from the experience of a Group Mentor. The Mentor is an experienced practitioner, FFI Fellow, and has been (or is currently) a member of the FFI Board of Directors. The Mentor participates in virtual study group meetings to provide insights based on their extensive background and history in both the field and the organization.

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