New England Chapter

The New England Chapter (NEC) of the Family Firm Institute was formed in 1994 by a group of professionals who wanted to network, share experiences and explore critical issues in the family enterprise field. Its mission is to advances high quality professional services to family-owned enterprises by providing diverse professional development programs, networking and learning opportunities focused on the collaboration of multiple disciplines advising family-owned enterprises. FFI NEC members come from a wide variety of disciplines including wealth planning, law, education, psychology, consulting and academic communities. All family enterprise professionals are welcome at our events.

Upcoming New England Chapter Events

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Join the New England Chapter of FFI

As a member of both FFI and the New England Chapter, you will enjoy a host of networking and learning opportunities and keep your finger on the pulse of family enterprise field in the New England region, around the country and the world.

Chapter Dues

Annual Dues: $75

Please note: You must first be an FFI member to join a Chapter.

New England Chapter Steering Committee

US Trust

Story Trust Publishing, LLC

Continuity Family Business Consulting

Center for Applied Research (CFAR)

Burns and Levinson, LLP

Murtha Cullina, LLP

enSpring Family Offices

Family Business Resource Center

All FFI Members are eligible to participate in study groups. Study groups meet face-to-face in locations around the globe as well as virtually within the FFI study group online community. There are no annual dues to participate. Study groups may be organized based on geographic region (as is the case with New York and Oregon study groups for example), topic of interest (succession or Latin American family enterprise for example), as well as profession of origin (accounting, finance or behavioral therapy for example). For more information on forming a study group, please contact