Form A Study Group

The following are guidelines for establishing an FFI study group. Individuals wishing to form an FFI Study Group must be FFI members in good standing.

Process for Forming an FFI Study Group

  • contact the FFI office for a general discussion about study groups within FFI.
  • define the study group’s geographic area using states, cities, zip codes or possibly countries; FFI will then provide a list of members and prospects in the area.
  • plan an introductory meeting. FFI will work with you to set up the first meeting, which will also be an orientation meeting on how FFI study groups work.
  • based on the interest at the introductory meeting, plan the first meeting of the study group.

Once Formed, a Study Group should

  • extend FFI’s interdisciplinary education mission.
  • extend FFI’s collaborative mission by ensuring that all members of study groups are members of FFI.
  • identify one person as the study group leader for the year; this person serves as the liaison to the FFI office.

FFI Requirements for Study Groups and Study Group Leaders

  • study group members must be FFI members in good standing.
  • study group leaders are asked to forward a list of members to the FFI office along with a one-page description of how the group’s membership is configured and the process by which new members are invited into the group. This must be done annually.
  • study group members and leaders are encouraged to participate in FFI programs by attending the annual conference, enrolling in GEN courses and certificate programs, and participating in local chapters as available.