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2013 Conference Sessions
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FFI Global Conference 2013:
Educate | Connect | Inspire 

October 16-19 in San Diego, California
Hilton Mission Bay Resort & Spa


Conference Sessions To-Date

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Direct Investing by Family Enterprises

This panel addresses the recent trend away from investing through private equity funds and toward direct investing by families. Topics to be covered include the sources of this trend, the benefits and risks of this approach to investing families, various legal and practical implications, the structure of direct investments and their tax and estate planning aspects.

Jared Kaplan, Mark Selinger, McDermott Will & Emery
Dan Fireman, Fireman Capital Partners and The Fireman Family Foundation

Family Business Review Special Issue Panel

This panel discusses key concepts from the September 2013 FBR Special Issue on Advising Family Enterprise. Authors, practitioners, and the editors review recent scholarly research on the practice of family enterprise advising and consulting.

W. Gibb Dyer, Brigham Young University, Jane Hilburt-Davis, Key Resources, Kelin Gersick, Lansberg, Gersick and Associates, LLC, Trish Reay, University of Alberta, Pramodita Sharma, Family
Business Review

Privacy and Security in the Era of Fatca, Inter-Governmental Exchange of Information and Elimination of Bank Secrecy

This panel discusses the challenges faced when one seeks to maximize privacy in our new Flat World where information is exchanged regularly and instantaneously, and tax authorities increasingly use banks as enforcement tools.

Jerry Gumpel, Sheppard Mullin, Francisco Moguel, Chevez Ruiz
Zamarripa y Cia

The Philanthropy Dilemma in Families in Business: A cross-cultural analysis of models and successful experiences

This presentation addresses the dilemmas that families in business encounter when engaging in philanthropy. Four models of family philanthropy are discussed: direct giving, foundation, business, and social enterprise. Successful real-world cases in each of these categories are presented, and tools and keys to success in helping families realize their full potential of family philanthropy are shared.

Neus Feliu, Lansberg, Gersick and Associates, LLC
Carlos Trinchant, Grupo Arcano

The Transparency Myth in Family Enterprises: The big reveal or less is more

Transparency is considered a best practice in decision-making in the family business enterprise. Yet for other family non-financial decisions, the need for complete transparency must be evaluated. This presentation utilizes case studies, family stories, a decision tree tool, and interactive discussion to explore the emotional, legal and strategic issues surrounding transparency.

James Weiner, Inheriting Wisdom, David Berek, Handler Thayer, LLP, Christin Cardone McClave, UNIFI Coaching



Addiction Science Meets Practice, or "Why Do They Keep Doing That?”

The science of addiction has dramatically altered our view of this disease. Over the past two decades we have gone from primarily a moral and ethical model to recognition of addiction as a neuro­biological illness, setting the stage for the entire network of family and professionals to engage and support strategies that result in better outcomes not only for the addict but also those affected.

Samuel Dresser, Doug Lyons, Clere Consulting, Marvin Seppala, Hazelden Foundation

Inspirational Mistakes: Challenging Journeys of Family Enterprises

Learn from these inspiring stories that started out as "mistakes.”

Naomi Grant Hartley, Alan Grant, Alta Company, George Isaac, GAI Capital, Ltd., Joan Liautaud, Lara Berry, The Liautaud Family, Tom White, Stephanie Kilroy, Haws Corporation
Moderator: Pascale Michaud, Business Families Foundation

Integrating Non-Family Executives into the Family Business

The session details a case study of the Clemens Family Corporation’s decision to restructure from "family business” to "business family.” Two non-family executives provide practical guidelines to increase the successful integration of non-family executives into a family business.

David Budnick, James Wood, The Clemens Family Corporation

The Landscape of Family Business: Practical applications for ground-breaking family business research

This session summarizes groundbreaking research about the "Landscape of Family Business” published in the 25th Anniversary Edition of FBR. Advisors are asked to complete a questionnaire that helps them interpret how clients view their respective landscapes.

Keith Brigham, Texas Tech University, G. T. Lumpkin, Syracuse University, Ritch Sorenson, University of St. Thomas, Andy Yu, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Mitigating the Risk of Nationalization of Family-Owned Businesses

Given the trend of populist governments in Latin America, nationalization is back on the rise. Family businesses are not immune. This presentation will be a live case with a family enterprise affected by nationalization with strategies and recommendations for successfully dealing with this phenomenon.

James Hoar, James Stewart, EFG International

Succession as Strategy Process and Strategy Practice: Three cross-cultural cases

This session focuses on resources applied in successful family business succession. Cases from the United Kingdom, Germany, the US and/or China will be examined with an eye toward creating a framework and toolbox for succession processes and strategy practices in resetting or constructing authority.

James Grady, PivotPoint Business Solutions, Victoria Grady, George Washington University, Gry Osnes, SuccessionConsult

2:00 PM


The Family Vacation Home: Sun and storms around the world

For families throughout the world, the shared vacation home is both dream and nightmare, as values of togetherness, legacy, and fun face changing intergenerational dynamics, differing needs and visions, operational choices, financial demands, and unclear governance. This interactive discussion presents challenges in advising family enterprises dealing with such conflicts and opportunities.

Lloyd Steier, University of Alberta, Blair Trippe, Continuity Family Business Consulting, John Wofford, Mediator and Arbitrator

Franchising and Family Business: A unique way to sustain legacy and values while building a family enterprise

Though franchising is closely associated with contractual relationships, this panel seeks to demonstrate the importance of franchising for family business. Specifically, the presentation addresses how the ability to develop and sustain multi-generational relationships as a family business fosters a greater commitment to generating strong interpersonal relationships with franchising partners.

Clint Bell, Mike Bell, KOA Campground San Diego
Carmen Bianchi, Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates
Estella Hadjis Ferrera, George Hadjis, Oggi’s Sports| Brewhouse| Pizza, Jessica Geiben Lynn, CFAR, Dianne H.B. Welsh, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

From Family Office Formation to Regulation: What are the keys to family office success?

A panel discussion that demystifies the establishment and operation of a family office, including ownership structures, setup and operational costs, risk management, the implications of an evolving legal, regulatory and compliance landscape and the single family office exemption.

Joe Field, Withers, David Guin, Justin Zamparelli, Withers Bergman, Kirby Rosplock, GenSpring Family Offices

Planning for Continuity: Insights from practitioners on legacy in a North Asian context

This panel draws on extensive first-hand experience to present a discussion of the concerns and issues characteristically encountered among North Asian client families. Topics to be addressed include how those client families currently approach transition planning and the challenges such clients face in engaging the next generation.

Edith Ang, Kitty Chou, UBS, Jessie Shen, Privaco Family Office (HK) Limited

When There’s an Empty Seat at the Head of the Table

In this session an attorney and a behavioral scientist examine disruptions caused by the sudden death of an entrepreneur. What is the role of family business advisors when entrepreneurs fail to develop comprehensive business continuity plans? Two case studies are examined from legal and psychological perspectives.

Ellen Frankenberg, Frankenberg Group, Mark Oppenheimer, Bingham Greenebaum Doll, LLP

4:00 PM


Catherine Rivier, Professor Emerita,
Clayton Foundation Laboratories for Peptide
Biology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Sponsors: Bank of America, US Trust and Merrill Lynch

5:30 PM


Friday, October 18, 2013

7:30 AM

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Topics in  Family Enterprise

John Wofford, moderator

8:30 AM


Sponsor: FFI Board of Directors

10:00 AM


The Challenge of Family Business Centers: Combining academic excellence and practical relevance

While most family business centers originally focused on outreach activities, more and more family business centers also focus on academic research. This session explores the trend toward creating family business centers with connections with family firms and owner families.

Leif Melin, Mattias Nordqvist, Jönköping International
Business School

Family Banks, Family Enterprises and Family Entrepreneurship

Customized family banks can be a powerful mechanism to develop and inspire the next generation. This session brings together key elements of next generation education and development, family and corporate governance, special vehicles and investments, wealth strategy, tax, and estate planning to explore the role of family banks in family enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Warner Babcock, AM Private Enterprises, Inc., Kirby Rosplock, GenSpring Family Offices

Family Secrets and Ghosts: Becoming a beacon of hope in the fog

Even the most astute and thoughtful among us can lose sight of issues which, if unaddressed, threaten to destroy the stability of the family enterprise. This interactive, case-focused presentation addresses "the ghosts in the room” and secrets in the family which undermine legal, financial, family harmony, ownership and business considerations.

Gerard Donnellan, Brandeis University, Patricia Annino, Prince Lobel Tye, LLP

Legal Crisis Planning & Management for the Family Enterprise

This presentation deploys vignettes to walk through events leading to a catastrophic legal event, taking participants through six personal crisis scenarios involving family business members. Potential consequences, prevention tips, immediate response strategies, and damage control are discussed.

Michael Meeks, Louisiana State University
Michael Whitty, Vedder Price, P.C.

Transitions and Traditions: Succession, sustainability and the family office

Although succession planning is widely discussed in a family business context, there is little practical application of succession planning in the family office realm. In this session, family office professionals discuss the importance of leadership, ownership and management succession and its implications for family office sustainability.

Thomas Carroll, Pat Soldano, GenSpring Family Offices

1:30 PM


Families in Business: Keeping four unrelated families together across three generations

How does a family firm founded and owned by four families survive two generations and progress in its third generation? What are the roles of inter-family relationships, ethnicity, governance structures and common purpose? This session addresses such questions through a case study from Singapore.

Annie Koh, Wee-Liang Tan, Business Families Institute, Singapore Management University

Finding Inspiration in the Boardroom: How to see the family enterprise in a new way

Creating a board that values differences in viewpoints is paramount in helping family enterprises find the inspiration to tackle the challenges of their future with renewed energy and resilience. Learn how to break the cycle of conformity that hinders many boards from getting to the next level in stewardship.

Debbie Bing, CFAR, Lansing Crane, Loyola University Family
Business Center

Five Principles for Sustainable Financial Management of Family-Owned Enterprises

This presentation seeks to distill and elaborate five essential principles for successful financial management of the sustainable family-owned enterprise. Practical frameworks for effective decision-making are also discussed.

Ari Axelrod, Marion McCollom Hampton, Banyan Family
Business Advisors

Train Your Emotions and Challenge Your Professional Growth with Interesting Insights

It is perhaps not often that family business advisors leave their respective "comfort zones” in an effort to understand client’s needs. This session pursues precisely that path in an experiential workshop designed to offer new professional insights and behaviors for those who want to expand their range of emotions and challenge themselves professionally.

Francisco Javier Macias, EAE, Yolanda Mora, Hospital de
San Pau, Karin Schlanger, Brief Therapy Center

3:15 PM


Globalization 3.0: The Rise of the Inside Economy

In this keynote, Joshua Cooper Ramo will track the rise of the inside economy, where a company’s ecosystem becomes inescapable, forcing out not only the competition but also the very need for a competitive market. From China to Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Ramo will reset your ideas about the globalized age.

Sponsor: GenSpring Family Offices

Kick-off to Washington DC

Sponsor: McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

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